Tim & Camet Runkle

"Thanks Design 7 Seven! It worked great in the gold plaster and top glaze over the metallic plaster. Thanks!"

2206 Castilian Path-19.jpg
2206 Castilian Path-17.jpg
White Sands
6108 Legacy Trail-17.jpg

Jayne Zimmerman-hibachi

"Remarkable Product! It is truly the best glaze I've used. The longest open time!"

2206 Castilian Path-19.jpg

Catherine Leigh Borelli

"I can't say enough about the awesome Design 7 Seven glaze is."

2206 Castilian Path-19.jpg

Deb Drager

"I LOVED having Design 7 Seven for the Metallic Glaze on this ceiling!!! I will never approach a ceiling finish without it again!!!"

2206 Castilian Path-19.jpg
6108 Legacy Trail-10.jpg


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